Waning Influence of religion in America
What is secularism and religion?
Where is religion in the United States headed?
One of the world's most secular constitutions
To draw a line
State prohibitions against hiring atheists
The Lemon test
Expanding the limits of religious freedom
The Rise and Fall, and Rise, of the Religious Right
Front Lines.
The Pledge of Allegiance
In God We Trust
A secular reference to God
Of course there are atheists in foxholes
The National Day of Prayer
Religion in public schools
Atheists and a growing secular movement
Atheists – a shunned minority
It wouldn’t have happened without the Internet
Out of the closet
Different positions among the seculars
Humanist Jews
A new strategy in court
A steady stream of litigation
Boycott the Pledge
«Happy Holidays from the Satanic Temple»
Trespassing in the gardens of the Christian majority
Jessica Ahlquist: - It gravely worsened after the trial
Damon Fowler: – All my stuff was piled up on the lawn
She would rather go to jail than to stop praying
Had to flee from the mob
I should have objected

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